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Present-day Hippies is a blog by a couple in their mid 30s living in London, United Kingdom. After several years working for the big man Bob and Fi had the realisation that there must be more to life and decided to work out a plan to step out the rat wheel.

The inspiration for it came from a close friend that made a few right moves in life and opted to live within the results of that for his own financial independency.

Fi has always been a savvy saver, Bob not so much. Both of them own their own proprieties and are lucky enough to be building their dream retirement home as they save for their early retirement. All of it is result of years of their hard work, savings and investments. No rich parents, heritance money or gambling.

Present-day Hippies shares their journey, findings and challenges as they trace their own path to Financial Independence.

For anonymity purposes the names used in this blog are fictitious.