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It doesn’t matter how much we love our job, we all go through good days and bad days. The good days are normally very lifting, making you feel rewarded. It’s like you were meant to be doing what you’re doing. It makes us think that we’re really lucky to get paid to do what we do.

The bad days in the other hand are those days of which we tend to analyse the situation with a different emotion. An emotion that questions things, that really digs into the whys. The money we get paid for doing that job is no longer enough to satisfy the soul that has been hurt by recent the happenings.

But what we rarely stop to think is actually how much do we need to be happy. Be it money, a career goal, a lovely family or just having enough time for ourselves.

Nearly 20 years after I started my career I realised that I actually wasn’t really living the dream life I wanted for myself. I got caught into someone else’s dream to be successful within the industry. Someone to be recon with, to be remember as the guy that did that piece of work.

We constantly get brainwashed by the millionaires to stay hungry, stay foolish… bla bla bla.
But how is this one recipe of happiness is ever going to fit us all?

Focusing on other people’s way to be happy made me forget that I had actually already accomplished it all. Every single childhood dream I had. I had an amazing house, I had a lovely car, I had travelled the world and I had just enough money in my bank account every month to allow myself to have the life I wanted to have. But most importantly, I’m no millionaire.

That realisation changed everything. Suddenly I realised I needed new dreams, my own dreams. I needed to refocus my life into something I could put all my energies towards and make that another life accomplishment.

And after spending a lot of time on the subject I understood that what I wanted wasn’t another house or a car, or a plane or a boat. What I really wanted is to have time to allow myself to enjoy the rest of my life in the way I think its best.

I realised that I have met the woman that was going to be the mother of my child and I wanted to see that child grow up instead just giving what was left of my time to the child.

Talking to Fi about it, we agreed that this was actually the most important thing for us both. To have a life where we are actually see the days go by and enjoying them as they happen.

Okay Great. But how the hell do we do that?
By simplifying.

We then begun the process of debating what we actually needed in life and the things that we were happy to live without. What are the essential things that we need to be happy and most importantly why are we wasting money and time with these other things if they don’t actually make us truly happy.

As an example we understood that downgrading from a 3 bedroom house in a big city to a 1 bedroom house by the beach was going to makes us happier. That eating and cooking fresh ingredients were going to make us more satisfied then eating in an expensive restaurant.

And that financial independency was going to be the only way to provide us with the time and happiness we needed.

This blog will cover all the different topics that are part of this life changing moment and towards the accomplishment of our next dreams.

When there is a will, there is a way.

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